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Mcbess (Matthieu Bessudo), born July 5, 1984, is a French illustrator living in London. Mcbess ‘ style is a mix of influences such as old cartoons he actualizes by using contemporary shapes, symbols, and types. Mcbess ‘s drawings often present himself at the center of a surrealist world filled with food and musical references, such as amps, guitars and records. Mcbess is also a musician in the band “The Dead Pirates.”

Matthieu Bessudo was born in Cannes, France. In 2002, after his A-level in the Lycee Jules Ferry, in Cannes, Mcbess attended the renowned multimedia school Supinfocom in Arles. There Mcbess studied 3D animation for 4 years, and at the same time, started developing his own illustration style, at the time more colorful and less structured. During this period, Mcbess joined several famous boards of illustration over the internet such as Eatpoo and CafeSale, and started building his reputation. The nickname Mcbess was given to him during those years by a classmate.

In 2006, Mcbess graduated from Supinfocom with the short-movie entitled “Sigg Jones”. Mcbess directed with his two friends Douglas Lassance and Jonathan Vuillemin. The short-movie tells the story of a superstar and his agent. Sigg Jones quickly became a reference in 3D animation because of its contemporary design and animation, and often caused debate for its featuring of Nike and Reebok sneakers.

After graduation, the trio was signed individually as directors by The Mill, an Oscar -winning VFX company based in London.

At the same time, Mcbess started a new series of drawing, giving life to what he describes as the “New Mcbess“. With his illustration “My desk” he defined the new codes of his future illustrations: A mix of influences including old cartoons such as Betty Boop and Merrie Melodies, often in an isometric view, himself being surrounded by surrealist elements, food, and cameos of his own instruments.

Since 2007, Mcbess has been published in several renowned magazines, such as Juxtapoz, Illustrated Ape, and Hi-Fructose. Mcbess has been exibiting in Paris at Issue Gallery in 2010, and again at Sergeant Paper Arstore (formerly Issue Gallery) in 2012. Mcbess has also been part of exhibitions in London, Hamburg, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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